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With winter upon us there are quite a few furry friends coming into our homes and making a statement – in the forms of fabulous cushions, wallpapers, and animal accessories!

There seem to be two trends to choose from, either the domestic animal variety (dogs and horses in particular) or the woodland critter variety (deer, fox, etc.).

Whether or not you have a faithful four legged companion to welcome you home at the end of the day, it’s hard not to have a soft spot for some of the fabulous doggy themed interior accents easily found at the moment.  Dogs work especially well in creating a handsome or fun addition to a room.  Let’s face it, if you went to a friends house and there was a room full of kitten cushions you might be a bit… concerned (and I promise I love cats!).  But adding a few lovely Labradors to the mix wouldn’t make you bat an eye.

Dogs are seen featured in a variety of wallpapers and fabrics, and also do well as lamps, bookends, decorative ceramics and statues.  There are many options to suit your style – whether you prefer to go down the more classic route, or if you like a more contemporary, fun take on your doggy accents.  The addition of a canine piece adds a bit of personality and warmth to a scheme, and can really help pull together a room.  Depending on the colours and fabrics in which they feature, doggy accents can do well both in city dwellings or in country homes.  Just like their real life counterparts, these pups can adapt quite well to many different environments!

Equestrian chic is also featuring in interior trends these days and horses do a great job of lending themselves to a sophisticated, classic style. I’ve seen stunning contemporary horsey artwork and wallpapers featuring muted silhouettes.  Like their canine friends, horses do well as a three dimensional accent or statue, and can further contribute towards your interior in the form of classic horsey tack.  It is in this way that an equine chic room can be taken that step further than a room with doggy accents.  Yes you can find lovely prints of horses but you can also search for prints of saddles, bridles, and other equestrian kit to round out the theme further.  If you do ride, why not think of how you can display old saddles or bits in an original way?  Whether you are an equestrian enthusiast, or just appreciate the animals as stunning creatures, adding an equine touch to your home can help you achieve a clean, sophisticated classic look.

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