We believe happiness comes from the inside out and outside in and that’s why at Spotdeco we empower you to create beautiful homes while giving back to your community, at no extra cost to you!

Simply by shopping via Spotdeco you’ll be driving positive change in your local area, at the same time as building a beautiful home. We stock thousands of items from well-known high-street brands and for every purchase you make, you choose a good cause close to home and we donate. It really is that easy.

Giving feels good. Yet too often we don’t know where or what we are giving to. By backing projects, not organisations, and schemes that are local to each of you, you can see exactly where your money is going and how it is being used. You can even visit the projects to see for yourself. Moreover, they will benefit you, your loved ones and your neighbours.

By working together, united in our communities, we can help our neighbours in need and we can transform our streets into happier, kinder and safer places. At Spotdeco we believe a little can go a long way. We believe in strength in numbers and we believe small changes by lots of people can create huge, long-lasting impacts.

So let’s all chip in to make our world and Planet Earth Inc. a better place to live, bit by bit. Please spread the love by sharing and following us on your social networks, using #charitybeginsathome.