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Do you break a sweat even thinking about the trail of destruction that can be wrecked by you inebriated Christmas guests? Sit down, take a deep breath and read our 5 easy guest-proofing tip. They may sound obvious, but do each of these things and you’ll sleep more soundly. You can thank us later.

1) Hide light & white fabrics. Obvious we know, but this can often be forgotten & red wine and tears spilt. Replace light sofa or cushion covers, or drape Christmas throws strategically over them. If you’re feeling extra festive, we love this Fairisle ultra soft baby throw blanket from The White Company, was £34.00 now £23.80.



2) Get a shoe rack or basket. Let’s face it, it’s likely to rain, so save your floors from mud and your guests from broken bones and invest in a shoe rack or basket. This will clear your entranceway and keep it tidy.

3) Likewise, your doorway is bound to get overrun with jackets, bags, hats and scarves. Put away coats and introduce a freestanding coat hanger. Anyone else get irate when all the coats fall down as you swipe gracefully past the bannister?

4) Storage, storage, storage! Stowaway any valuables or delicate items that can easily get knocked off a shelf and save yourself the worry of them! Better safe than sorry.

5) Treat yourself to some wine remover or Vanish. Indulgent, I know. But it might just save your sofa and a helluva lot of stress. Invest in your box of cleaning products, keep it handy, and if anything gets splashed, squashed or sploshed you can wipe it away no problem and the drink swigging can continue. 


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