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We are now officially in the month of Christmas, but if you’re like me and still running around like a loon trying to appease your boss, get your shopping done and sort out all the admin, don’t fear. Here are five things you can do right now to keep your hair from going grey.

1. Nab the supermarket delivery slot

No jokes, they’re going like hotcakes and there’s truly nothing worse than frantically wading down the aisles looking for cranberries on Christmas Eve. Book your slot now and do the unpacking in your PJ’s (over a mulled wine, any excuse).
2. Make all the beds up now

A bed a night? Easy. Dig out all your sheets and towels and make sure you have enough. If you’re worried about the Christmas guest ‘trail of destruction’, then check out my next article: 5 Ways to Guest-Proof Your House Before Christmas.

3. Write a list

One of the easiest, but most unbelievably satisfying and helpful tasks you can do. Don’t aimlessly wander the malls or have a last minute panic. Instead, write down each day over Christmas, what you’re doing, where you will be, who is staying and what you’re doing..then write every item you’ll need next to it. This includes everything from table decorations to bread sauce.

4. Wrap a present a night

Save yourself getting angry with the sellotape and start your wrapping early. A present a night. This makes it all manageable and stops another potential last minute panic.

5. Advance freezer cooking

Christmas Day cooking can be…..stressful. Anything you can freeze, do now! Cranberry sauce, cookie dough, bread sauce…..

Remember, Christmas is about spending precious time with family and friends. In our hectic world’s it can be easy to sweat the small stuff, so if the bread sauce goes pear-shaped, the Christmas pud is a disaster or you’re dreading donning Mum’s Christmas jumper……..just kick-back, relax and crack open that bottle of red!

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