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modern interior design

Characterized by sleek surfaces, geometric shapes, and a neutral palette with just a splash of colour, modern interior designs have fast become a go-to for new home builds and renovations. Since it’s tricky to know where to begin when faced with the barrage of different images from a cursory magazine-flick, we’ve put together five modern interior design ideas to get you on your way.

1. Understand that your choice of paint will be room-defining. Forget the embellishments; it’s the paint, not the decorative extras that will truly mark out your space as a modernist sanctuary. Typically, modern paint schemes are neutral, with subdued greys, browns and whites perennially relevant when putting together an up-to-date colour palette. Keeping it in the same tonal family will ensure that your space retains a sense of openness and continuation, so look for colors in similar shades when you’re picking out paint pots to try. And as for those feature walls: painting one side of the room vibrantly can really make your central colour(s) pop, so don’t be afraid to peruse the more exciting hues in that paint brochure too. Reach for burnished wood paneling or an appropriately patterned wallpaper if you’re looking for something with a little more visual interest.

2. Make sure that your art jives with your paint scheme. If you have a neutral colour scheme on the walls, it’s tempting to think that you’re excused from reigning in your colourful tendencies where paintings and prints are concerned. Equally important as coordinating the shades on your walls, though, is consolidating all your artwork by so that it, too, looks “at home”. This is easily done: just look for similar accent colors or artistic subjects in the central pieces themselves, or perhaps look to buy a new set of frames to unite the various pictures if the existing ones don’t quite match your modern vibe.

modern art

3. Value differences in texture, material, and media. Modernity is all about the clash of the natural and the man-made, and your modern interior design can be tailor-made to reflect that. While it makes sense to keep your colour palette, furnishings, carets and blinds restrained, well throughout experimentation with different materials and mediums can yield great results. Judiciously-curated prints from old movies or pop-art posters, for example, offer instant cinematic flair, but it’s a little dull just displaying them as wall pieces; applying the images to plant pots or furniture instead will serve to foster that all-important sense of contrast.

4. Try DIY or off-the-beaten-track boutiques for that one-of-a-kind charm. Big home stores are an attractive option simply for reason of convenience, but buying bulk from such shops won’t give your space the singularity that you likely desire for your abode. You’re designing your interior, after all: it should look like it! DIY-ing objects you already own is an inexpensive way to bring truly unique décor into your home, and a visit around some of the less-frequented boutiques or secondhand shops in your area will have you spoilt for choice where inimitable ornaments and pieces of furniture are concerned.


5. Consider collaborating. Not all home designers’ ideas of a modern interior are the same. Though we all tend to get a little self-indulgent when it comes to executing our decorating dreams, taking heed of the concepts and mood-boards that others put forward will really three-dimensionalise your own set vision for the room or home – not to mention that people will be much more likely to give you a helping hand in the practical bit of the design project if they’ve had a stake in the planning stage.

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