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Two of my nearest and dearest have recently gotten engaged and it’s got me thinking about unique wedding ideas for them! Wedding favours can often be left until last, but they are a great opportunity to add a truly personal touch to your special day. If you start planning and making them now, you’ll easily have them done in time for a Summer (or Winter!) wedding. Here are 4 homemade favours your guests will love.

Homemade chocolate hearts in mini flower pots

21 Cup heart shaped mould, £1.99

Ribbon, £4.49 for 4m

6 Flower pots, £3.99

Melt some chocolate, pour it into these moulds, pop them in the fridge and voila! You can then wrap them in a small pouch, mini box or tissue paper and tie this pretty ribbon around.

LOVE IT                                                    LOVE IT                                                  LOVE IT


dunelm heartsdunelm heart ribbonsilicone flower pot cases

Homemade heart-shaped shortbread

Heart shaped cookie cutter, £1.79

John Lewis clear cellophane, 5m, £4

Patchwork heart ribbon, 5m, £3.15

Shortbread is so quick and easy to make so why not whip some up, package one of each size in some cellophane and tie it up with the cute patchwork ribbon. Alternatively you could make gingerbread or chocolate cookies.

LOVE IT                                                      LOVE IT                                               LOVE IT

Heart shaped cuttersjohn lewis cellophanedunelm heart ribbon 2

Hand-painted mini wooden spoons

Dunelm extra small wooden spoon, 69p

Strawberries ribbon,

Ready mix rainbow paints, £3.15

This is one of my favourites! Lightly sandpaper the surface you want to paint so it’s nice and smooth and then use some masking tape around the edges so you don’t end up with rogue splodges. You could paint a heart with your guest’s name on it and the initials of you and your new husband along with the wedding date. Or keep it super simple and just dip the ends in different colours. Go for easy acrylic paints.

LOVE IT                                                LOVE IT                                                   LOVE IT

dunelm wooden spoonstrawberry ribbonready mix paint

Wine glass charms

Gold metal craft rings, 25p each (24p for 12+ or 22p for 36+)

John Lewis Swarovski beads, £22 for 126

John Lewis pick’n’mix buttons, £6.95

This is brilliant – there are so many options for these and the great thing is that they can also be used at the wedding itself so people don’t get their glasses confused! You could loop different beads around, perhaps in people’s initials, or you could attach old corks! Below are just an example of some beads I really love.

LOVE IT                                                                      LOVE IT                                            LOVE IT


gold metal craft ringjohn lewis beadsJohn lewis buttons


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