4 interior design styles for spring

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Spring is when we emerge from our wintry cocoons and embrace the sheer joy of lighter and brighter days. Often we forget how closely aligned our wellbeing is to our physical environment, so this Spring let’s freshen-up our spaces and in so doing rejuvenate and refresh our spirits, ready to embrace the long-awaited warmer months. Here are 4 interior design styles that are perfect for a Spring home refresh.

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john lewis wine charms

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Two of my nearest and dearest have recently gotten engaged and it’s got me thinking about unique wedding ideas for them! Wedding favours can often be left until last, but they are a great opportunity to add a truly personal touch to your special day. If you start planning and making them now, you’ll easily have them done in time for a Summer (or Winter!) wedding. Here are 4 homemade favours your guests will love.

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Beautiful aromas can awaken our senses and send our minds wandering to rich memories. The scents of Spring and Summer can refresh, invigorate and revive our homes and fill us with the excitement of the glorious long days ahead. Here are 10 gorgeous fragrances to energise your homes for Spring.

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