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Feeling on top of the world

Happy New Year! Every January, before that dreaded first day back at work, there’s one piece of advice I give to myself.

‘Live life by your instincts and not by your fears’

Too often we become so engrossed in day-to-day life that we forget to give ourselves time to kick-back and simply take stock. A new year is the perfect opportunity to do this. Allow yourself some quiet moments to de-clutter the mind, reflect on your achievements and consider where you want to go. Use this to re-align your priorities and re-focus your energies.

New Year is a time to remind ourselves to stop wishing and start acting, and to stop dreaming and start doing. Don’t say ‘I wish’, say ‘I will’, and start giving yourself the time to make a plan you can put into motion. Remember, follow your instincts and bury those fears.

That leads me to my one and only resolution: cutting back my use of technology. Our addiction to technology is eating into time we should be spending conversing face-to-face, it’s disturbing our sleep, it’s bruising our mental wellbeing and it’s stopping us from thinking for ourselves. So shutdown those laptops, grab a pen and paper, and start having a long, deep think about how to make those dreams come true!

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