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Now that the kids are all back to school, it is now the perfect time to reclaim your home and inject a little organisation and decluttering into your life! You could even turn it into a task for the whole family which can be both satisfying and a great way to teach kids the importance of being organised and tidy.

So, if you’re still finding Lego bricks and jigsaws wedged under your sofa and tables, then look no further and check out these 10 simple ways to reclaim your home!

1 – Storage

Storage keeps things organised, making a home stress-free and breathable. Store toys in wicker baskets and storage boxes with lids so that they can be neatly put away, allowing time for some precious toy-free hours before bed. Colour coordinated boxes for different bits and bobs can work a visual treat too!

If you are struggling to find places of storage, use alcove areas such as behind doors, under the stairs and under the bed, so they do not interfere with the amount of active floor space.

2 – Shelves and boxes

Shelves elevate the clutter from the floor to the wall in order to create more floor space and open rooms out. This can provide a neat, accessible way of storing school books. Integrate with tip 1 and use storage boxes with shelves.l.

3 – Candles

Candles are such a treat! Choose scented candles that can fill a room with natural warmth so when the kids are back from school, the house smells clean and crisp. This is a perfect opportunity to create a sanctuary of calm and a quick way to rejuvenate rooms by uplifting the feel of the home without taking up physical space.

4 – New cushions for the sofa

Inject some new colours and patterns by replacing worn cushions with new covers. This is a quick and effective way to spruce up your social seating and sofa area without having to buy an entire new sofa. Although we tend to associate autumn and winter with darker colours, it’s good to keep things light and fresh for brighter looking, airy interiors.

5 – Let in the light

Letting in natural light is always an important and inexpensive factor to brighten interiors. So if you’re finding your home feeling a bit dreary and dull, change your curtains to lighter fabrics such as linen and cotton to naturally let in the flow of air and light.

6 – Charity

To reclaim your home is to appreciate the space that you call ‘home’ and make the most out of this comforting thought.

Do the good deed and give away to charity anything that you have been hoarding for six months or more, and things that you have simply just not used. This will in effect be a feel-good cleanse and make your space more orderly, creating a sense of calmness.

7 – Throw it out

Throw out anything that’s broken and not worth fixing. Keeping a habit and track of what you buy and use can create a sense of ease which will be represented through your home.

8 – New rug

Similar to cushion covers, replacing a worn rug with a new one can do wonders to a room. It could be as simple as swapping one rooms’ rug to another rooms’, or purchasing a new one in a different shape that features quirky patterns and colours to update your home.

9 – Reorganisation

Ever wondered what it would be like if you moved your sofa to the centre? That wardrobe more to the right? Now is the perfect time to figure this out! Become your very own designer and move things around to a new arrangement. Give a different purpose and function to the room, but always remember to consider walkways and movement in the space.

10 – Plants and flowers

Plants can bring in colour and a fresh sense of the outdoors within the interior. Simply by changing the type of plant and flowers you purchase every once a week or fortnightly can subtly change the atmosphere and feeling of the space. Plants are great because like candles, they do not take up a lot of space but can be a nice visual treat. Having plants also teaches the kids to look after plants, and keeping tidy and organised.

So going through the 10 tips in this article shows just by making small inexpensive changes to your homes can create a bigger, effective impact and help you reclaim your spaces and spice them up!

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