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It’s that time of the year again… Cafés enticing us with delightful pumpkin spice flavoured cakes and lattes, creepy ghouls decorated in shop interiors. That’s right, it’s almost Halloween!

Kids or no kids, quite frankly we sometimes just can’t be bothered to hack into that pumpkin and sport the white bed sheet. But you know what, it’s really quite easy to unleash the inner beast without anyone being any the wiser. After all, Halloween does fall on a Monday this year. Here’s how to have an anti-HalloMEen.

1. Swap the ghosts for fairies! You can be a softer, calmer Halloween lover by investing in some quality fairy lights for a relaxing ambience in your rooms. Check out these fairy lights by Habitat, 24 LED White Fairy Light (£25) for the perfect little fairies to light your rooms.


2. Switch the pumpkin for the fairy poo, aka marshmallow infused tiffin. Does life get much better? These dark wintry nights give you the best excuse to curl up on the sofa and chomp chocolate. Check out our fantastic Spotdeco owner, Louise’s delicious recipe for fairy poo here.


3. Unleash the inner beast. Let’s face it, it isn’t hard to act like a goblin on a dark Monday night. This is quite simple – take the make-up off, don your baggiest sweatpants and dig out that soft, silky and horrifying old t-shirt. Regardless of how old, torn and bizarrely long-lasting these comfy essentials are to you, it really doesn’t matter, because at this stage when you answer your door, everyone will think you’re in costume anyway!



4. Instead of incorporating room decorations with black, orange and dark hues that are usually related to Halloween, put up something bright and colourful. Dress your rooms with lovely, vibrant bunches of flowers. Avoid creating that atmospheric feeling of being caved in a gloomy dark hole! Keep rooms bright, light, relaxing and fresh.


5. Candles are great all year round, but are an especially neat decorative tool for Halloween as they can create a mysterious glow and spooky flicker. However, that shouldn’t stop you! Focus on smells and scents, and how that effects the atmosphere of a room. Ditch the Candy Corn and Apple Cinnamon scented candles and light up a refreshing, airy scent such as Lavender and Clean Cotton.


6. Nothing screams anti-Halloween than getting away from the whole occasion entirely and waiting for it all to cool off. Treat yourself and take a mini trip to a spa hotel just outside of your local town or city. This will ensure you won’t be answering or expecting any trick-or-treaters constantly knocking at your front door. Think about it, you could be receiving a nice relaxing massage instead… Tempting…!

7. Use this special occasion to catch up on your sleep! Who would want to turn down more sleep anyway? Give yourself another sweet treat for your mind and body and just simply head to bed earlier. Sleeping earlier will be an effective and less expensive way of having an anti-Halloween. Don’t worry, even if you fall asleep on Monday evening when it’s still daylight outside your inner Vampire is calling you out!


8. Indulge in that rom-com. Why give yourself nightmares?

9. Hit-up a gallery, museum or restaurant and treat yourself to a lovely evening out after work. Everyone else will be donning the red lippy and white sheets, so make the most of emptier venues!

10. Do something meaningful and fun in your local neighbourhood and give those kiddies a night to remember. Dig-out your most outrageous items of clothing and pair them into a bonkers outfit. Why not?


So, there we have it – 10 Ways to have an Anti-Halloween! Regardless of whether you are staying in or heading out this Halloween, from all of us here at Spotdeco, stay safe, wrap up warm and have fun!




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